2018 Summer School

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An intensive course of 4 full-days that brings together higher education students, young researchers, professionals, representatives of businesses, policy makers and civil society representatives who will be learning, debating and sharing experiences about strategic and practical issues related to water-agriculture sector.

Why water-agriculture sectors?
Water is the main resource for life. A healthy water sector is critical to economic growth and competitiveness. A complex water security challenge that
Europe is facing forced the European Union to provide sufficient investments for the latest water treatment technologies, recycle and re-use water, even more crucial in the Mediterranean area due to water scarcity problems.

Therefore, raising awareness among policy makers, business community, non-government organisations, academia, and society is a crucial step to enable the full exploitation of water treatment technologie


  • Stimulate learning not only through the cases of success but also through failures.
  • Review the European Water Management, Governance and Policies by explaining the most important European Union Directives related to water and analysing Global Water Governance (GWG) through best practices
  • Get familiar with the most important and innovative water technologies
  • Discuss the concepts, methodologies, and tools for improving the competitiveness


The four-day course includes formal teaching and interaction with high-level experts during the 3 thematic sessions of the course:

  • 1st Module: Water Management, Governance and Policy
  • 2nd Module: Innovative Water Technologies
  • 3rd Module: Research and innovation support to young researchers and SMEs

Practical visits are foreseen in order to increase the knowledge of participants both theoretically and practically

Participant profile

  • Higher education students
  • Researchers (MA, PhD., Post Doc)
  • Professionals
  • Representatives of business
  • Policy makers
  • Civil society representatives

    Available courses

    The idea of E-training course is to make sure that the main themes related to water management and research can be explained within reasonable costs to growing community of interested people in the EU, so as to enable a wider dialogue between  research, policy and governance of water management to the professionals of the sector.

    - 1st Module: Environmental and water policy

    - 2st Module: Technical developments 

    - 3st Module: Research results

    - 4st Module: Self-assessment 

    Information on the funding sources that are already available today from the European Union.

    On this section you will find further details about news and references from evens our staff is partecipanting and related to water management best practices and development

    General profile and elements built from Fowarim experiences, partners interactions and global Water Development tools and experiences

    Course Introduction

    Attendance 2018Attendance 2018

    This Summer School 2018 present a unique opportunity for the participants to understand the key concepts of circular economy with respect to the water and agriculture sectors.  In addition, participants will be provided with information on  Smart farming in EU which attempts to establish a balance between the rising demand for agricultural products, the need to protect the environment and finding innovative ways to “produce more with less”. Emerging new technologies and methods offer the prospect of boosting productivity and profit margins and increase European competitiveness worldwide.

    To illustrate main issues and experiences about EU legislation on water management.

    Prospectives and actual development about.