Desalination technology

Aquatech Amsterdam: 31 Oct. – 3 Nov. 2017


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Desalination Pavilion

Desalination is a growing market for both governments and the private sector, as water scarcity and water re-use become ever more pressing issues in many regions of the world. According to the market forecast of Global Water Intelligence (GWI), the capital expenditure on seawater and brackish water desalination is to increase by 42% in 2020.

Seawater desalination for agricultural irrigation will be an important contributor to satisfying growing water demands in regions with water scarcity or in semi-arid mediterranean countries, as  is in Malta. Irrigated agriculture for food production drives global water demands, which are expected to increase while available supplies are further diminished. Implementation of reverse osmosis, the current leading technology for seawater desalination, has been limited in part because of high costs and energy consumption. Because of stringent boron and chloride standards for agricultural irrigation water, desalination for agriculture is more energy intensive than desalination for potable use, and additional post-treatment, such as a second pass reverse osmosis process, is required. In this perspective the event of Aquatech Exibition is a great opportunity to know the most recent innovative Technologies.


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