FOWARIM Closing Conference

Event Description

Venue: Carlson Suite, Radisson Blu Resort


8:30 Registration and Welcome Coffee

Opening Addresses

9:00. Introduction to the Conference by Dr Alex Rizzo (Head of University College, MCAST)

9:05. Keynote Speech by Prof Joachim James Calleja (Principal and CEO, MCAST)

9:15. Keynote Speech by Mr Frederick Schembri (President of the MCAST Board of Governors)

9:25. Keynote Speech by the Hon. Evarist Bartolo (Minister for Education and Employment)

First Session

9:35. Overview of the H2020 FOWARIM Project (Mr Malcolm Borg, Centre for Agriculture, Aquatics & Animal Sciences, MCAST)

9:45. Stakeholder Consultation – Processes and Results (Dr Daniela D’Agostino, CIHEAM-IAMB)

10:05. Monitoring Agriculture Water Use in the Maltese Islands (Mr Marco Dimech, Agriculture Directorate)

10:25. Coffee Break

Second Session

10:45. Research Strategy and Roadmap to Secure Sustainable Water Resources for Irrigated Agriculture in Malta (Prof Jerry Knox, Cranfield University)

11:05. Cost-Benefit Analysis to Assess Viability of Irrigation Scenarios (Prof Lucila Candela, Universitad Politecnica de Catalunya)

11:25. Satellite Imagery as a Tool for Water Management in Maltese Agriculture (Mr Steve Zerafa, Institute of Engineering and Transport, MCAST)

11:45. Impacts of Land Use Change on Evapotranspiration for Three Agricultural Crops in Malta (Ms Sarah Fenech, Water Research & Training Centre, MCAST)

12:05. Analysis of Yield as Affected by Manure Types and Doses for Cultivation of Eggplant and Green Pepper- Implications on the Nitrates Framework Directive (Ms Kimberly Terribile, Centre for Agriculture, Aquatics & Animal Sciences, MCAST)

12:25. Lunch

Third Session

13:30. FOWARIM in a Circular Economy Context (Leonardo Piccinetti, Europe For Business)

13:50. The Impact of FOWARIM & Discussion on Way Forward (Mr Malcolm Borg, Centre for Agriculture, Aquatics & Animal Sciences, MCAST)

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