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13-15/18-19 September 2017 – MCAST, Malta

TITLE: Non-conventional water reuse: grey water, desalinisated/desalted, treated wastewater,water harvesting (Urban – Peri Urban agriculture)


11-13/18-19 September 2017 – MCAST, Malta

TITLE: Making use of saline water- the case for salt-water agriculture


17-21 July 2017 – CIHEAM Bari, IT

TITLE: Integrated water resource management governance models, distribution system and on-farm irrigation


20-24 March 2017Cranfield University, UK

TITLE: Adapting water use in agriculture to a changing climate

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9-13 January 2017Universidad de Alicante – San Vicente del Raspeig, SPAIN

TITLE: Reducing groundwater pollution: good management practices of nutrients and wastes

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