Demonstration day


This is the first of a series of field experiments and demonstration sites of FowariM Project with the scope to work with key stakeholders and research community in Malta. The on-farm demonstrations are highlighting and transferring new knowledge and experience between researchers and farmers and among farmers too.

The main goal is to promote good land and water management, identify alternate innovative approaches to adapting to water scarcity, and show-case new eco-innovations and technologies to improve irrigation conducts and wastewater treatment/use for agriculture. The field experiments and demonstration would also help inform and educate stakeholders about the role and importance of water for agriculture, and the agronomic, technical and engineering measures available to reduce water use and increase efficiency.

The experiments also provides examples of best practice for farmers to understand how they can reduce crop water demand.

During this demonstration- day there is a special focus on the Maltese soil as a resource, the aspects of human influence for intensive land use and its deterioration.

Maltese soils suffers from degradation by erosion, loss of organic matter, contamination by agrochemicals and salinity increase due at the over-exploitation of the groundwater.

Malta has a typically Mediterranean climate, with t lot of similarities with the other Mediterranean countries, with soil erosion and desertification processes in progress that require attention.

Moreover the innovation in agricultural water management is considering also the aspect related to the evapo-transpiration in the frame of irrigation activities; this is even more relevant due to the relation to typical Mediterranean climate and in particular during the water scarcity periods with the increased amount of solar radiation, temperature and wind action.

The Demonstration Day have seen the participation of a large number of stakeholders and students

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