Integrated Water Resource Management: governance models, distribution systems and on-farm irrigation (17-21/07/2017)

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Training programme (17-21 July 2017)

Day 1: IWRM-The Enabling Environment (Mon 17thJuly)

(Khadra R.)

Time Activity
08:30 Registration of participants
09:00 Opening session:

  • Welcome address
  • Presentation of the training program
  • Presentation of the participants
  • Presentation of the working-day
09:30 Water as a resource and a threat: Global Environmental Change and MDGs
10:15 Coffee-break
10:30 IWRM Concept and Basic Terms
11:15 Water Law and policies in Europe and Beyond
12:00 Public Participation
12:45 Water in Agriculture: PIM-A success story from Southern Italy
13:30 Lunch at IAMB
14.30 Visit of the IAMB campus:

  • Laboratory of soil hydrology and environmental management
  • Laboratoryof agricultural and environmental chemistry
  • Hydraulic laboratory
  • Experimental fields and illustration of technological prototypes developed to accompany the modernization
16:00 Plenary session: questions and insights
17:00 Closure of the day

Day 2: Water in agriculture: Design and performance analysis of distribution systems and interaction with on-farm networks (Tues 18thJuly)

(Lamaddalena N.)


Time Activity
09:00 Presentation of the working-day
09:15 New criteria for the design and modernization of collective pressurized systems: oriented design, management, analysis and evaluation of pressurized systems
10:15 Coffee-break
10:30 Performance of the collective system and impacts on efficiency at farm level
11:30 Illustrations of tools and software for the management of irrigation
13:00 Lunch at IAMB
  • Practical exercises: the software COPAM
  • Elaboration and interpretation of results
16:30 Case study:

Analysis of selected irrigation schemes in Consortium of Capitanata

17:30 Closure of the day



Day 3: Governance models, Irrigation Scheme – Field visit (Wed 19thJuly)

Time Activity
09.00 Introduction on the visit to the Consortium of Capitanata (Lamaddalena N.)
09.30 Departure to Consortium of Capitanata (San Ferdinando)
10.30 Site visit 1: Capaciotti Dam (Nardella L.)

Presentation of the irrigation scheme: New technologies, Operation, Maintenance and Management activities

11.30 Site visit 2: Irrigation districts (Nardella L.)

Presentation of the main infrastructures of a pressurized systems

  • Different irrigation schedules
  • Demonstration of best practices in application of water saving new Technologies
  • Organizational structure of WUA management
  • WUA governance mechanisms and mode of water users participation
  • Interaction of WUAs with local authorities and state institution
  • WUA tariff system
  • Irrigation and drainage improvements
13.30 Lunch in a local restaurant
15.00 Site visit 3: San Ferdinando Farmers’ Cooperative (Nardella L.)
17.00 Return to IAMB



Day 4: Research proposal writing (Thurs 20thJuly)

(Bogliotti C., Belsanti V.)


Time Activity
09:00 Introduction to H2020
9:45 Overview of Work Programme 2017-focus on participants’ research interest (water, agriculture, ICT)
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 Outline of types of actions (RIA, IA, CSA, etc.) and discussion
  • Presentation of proposal template;
  • How to manage the participant’s web portal and use the online resources;
  • Discussion
13:00 Lunch at IAMB
15:00 Continuation
17:00 Closure of the day



Day 5: Preparing and publishing peer-reviewed research papers (Fri 21st July)

(Todorovic M., Occhialini W.)

Time Activity
09:00 Preparing and publishing peer-reviewed research papers (M. Todorovic)

  • Journal Impact factor and journal publishing cycle
  • Principles of peer review
  • How to get published?
    • types of manuscript,
    • choosing the right journal
    • structuring and writing a manuscript.
  • Publishing ethics
  • Review process
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 Continuation


11:30 Bibliographic research (W. Occhialini)
13:00 Lunch at IAMB
14:00 Continuation


15:00 Workshop round up

Closing discussion and feedback forms


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