Local farmers provided with practical training on how to irrigate their agricultural crops


Through an initiative taken by MCAST, a number of local farmers were provided with practical training on how to manage efficiently the water used for irrigating agricultural crops, hence,  achieving a better result and lower the water consumption.

During the training session, held in Burmarrad, experts from Cranfield University, UK and Catalunya University, Spain, discussed with farmers the problems faced in the local agricultural sector, namely, water scarcity and the low quality of water in the water table, which is negatively effecting the agricultural produce.

On the behalf of the farmer’s organization, Gerald Vella, spoke about the drop in agricultural production due to lower level of rainfall. The effects of Climate Change in the agricultural sector were also discussed.

Gerald Vella from the Producer Organization said, “The problems being faced in the local agricultural sector are various. The biggest problem is the effect of Climate Change. More work needs to be done in this area, to monitor the water consumption in the Agricultural Sector, especially, the water extracted from the water table.”

The experts which were invited by MCAST, presented modern irrigation practices which considering the Maltese Climate could be applied in Malta. Malcolm Borg, deputy director at the Institute of Applied Sciences at MCAST, explained how this initiative aims to provide the necessary technological means to assist farmers in their work.

He said, “Rather than condemning or penalizing farmers, we must provide them with alternatives and solutions on how to be more efficient on water consumption.”

Mr. Borg described how modern practices in the agricultural sector can assist farmers lower their costs and remain competitive.



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