Promoting innovations in agricultural water management: on-farm demonstration day (16/06/2017)


Fowarim Project (WP3) in collaboration with Maltese farmer hosting the event, have organised the 1st on-farm demonstration of agricultural water management. It is a demonstration day focused on innovative management of crops, soil, irrigation and water resource.

The is “research into practice” event targeting farmers and other related stakeholders.

Location: Burmarrad (Malta)

Date: Friday 16th June 2017

Download the full version of the programme


09.00  Registration for morning demonstration event

Coffee and refreshments

09.30 Formal event opening – MCAST and Farmer

Participants then split into 4 groups

09.40     Session 1 (30 mins)

Participants split into 4 groups, with each group attending one of the four ‘stations’. Each station will have a translator:

Station 1: Evaluating nutrient valorisation from renewable irrigation sources in Maltese agriculture (Ruben Sakrabani and Steve Hallett) [Cranfield University]

Station 2: Managing soils for crop yield and quality (Lynda Deeks) [Cranfield University]

Station 3: Understanding evapotranspiration (ET)and scheduling irrigation needs (Jerry Knox) [Cranfield University]

Station 4: Managing groundwater for irrigated agriculture (Lucila Candela) [Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya]

10.15 Session 2 (30 mins) 

10.50 Session 3 (30 mins)

11.25     Session 4 (30 mins)

12.00 Open stands and displays

12.15     Refreshments available

13.30     Registration for afternoon demonstration

Coffee and refreshments

13.45     Formal event opening  – MCAST and Farmer Welcome

14.00     Session 1 (30 mins)

14.35     Session 2 (30 mins)

15.10     Session 3 (30 mins)

15.40     Session 4 (30 mins)

16.15     Open stands and displays promoting innovations in water management

16.30     Demonstration event close